I'm Kristen. Mom to Luke and Zoey, two-year-olds extraordinaire. Trying to keep a foot in the advertising world (I freelance part-time as a writer/creative director out of San Francisco and Boston). Recently relocated to Albuquerque, NM for my husband's job (I love it). Trying to do the creative stuff I did before babies, but it's hard. Hoping to be an outdoorsy/backpacking/ snowboarding/surfer girl again someday, but fear that may be in the past. Really, just trying to embrace change and find balance--and to be grateful for all the things big and small that are good in my life.

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May in Pictures and Stories

The first half of May we spent in Colorado (glorious), the last half at home in New Mexico, spring easing into summer, the kids growing and changing every day. Some favorite pictures:

One of my favorite things about the twins at this age is how much they are starting to interact...it's generally friendly, such as when I give them the "wrong" forks at a meal (they are very particular about whose things are whose) and they will hand the forks back and forth and say, "Here you go, Luke." "Here you go, Zo." Or Luke watching Zo do a puzzle and saying, "Good job, Zoey!"

There is the flip side, too, which mainly involves Luke playing "Tackle, Tackle Zoey," which she almost never likes, and Zo stealing Luke's Hot Wheels and running across the house with them, leaving him in tears.

Luke is big into cars and trucks, Zo into her kitties, Stanley and Fuzzy Britches; she'll have them interact with each other...I'm actually seeing a lot of imagination from these guys, from cooking up play meals (a favorite activity) to picking pretend grass to feed pretend bunnies.


Some commonly heard phrases from Zo this month:

"I have a pocket." 

"I need a Kleenex!"

"I love you Daddy!" (Mommy, too. Me-ma and Grammy and Papa and Uncle Ben too.)

"I'm making a funny face!" 

And from Luke:

"Not yet! One more minute!" 

"Let's DO it!" (eg, "Would you like to brush your teeth, Luke?" "Yes! Let's DO it!")

"I love you Daddy!" (Mommy etc, too.)

"No, no, I don't LIKE kisses. Don't kiss me Mommy!" (Followed by frantic wiping away of said kiss.)

"Let's whip up dinner!"

"I don't LIKE Mommy!" (Ouch. Oh well, he's two.)

"I don't do shirts!" (Said while trying his best not to let me dress him.)

Cuteness from Zo:

"I need to be careful around cars. And monsters."

"I made a terrible mess!"

And Luke:

"I hurt Daddy's feelings. I need to fix them."


There are LOTS of hugs from the kids these days. 

Luke misses his sister if I take him out alone.

They both love looking for trucks when we're "out and about," as we call it; they can name pretty much anything they see on the the road (eg, "Box truck! Semi truck! Auto carrier! Cement mixer! Etc. All said as an exclamation.)

We still rock and sing at night, although the kids aren't always into it. Sometimes they run around the room while I sing. Or sit in the other rocking chair. I don't know how this started, but I've been giving them the choice of the "Regular Version" or the "Oink Oink Version" of a song, the "Oink Oink Version" having most of the words replaced by oinks.

Both the kids like playing "Tunnel" with Dad, where they give him a "toll," he gives them change, and then they go under his bent legs. They also like playing "Boat," where they sit between his legs on the bed to keep away from sharks. And Luke has been playing "Hit Hit Daddy," where he'll hit his Daddy on the chest and Daddy will tickle him and then stop 'til he's hit again.

"Baby Races," are also a big deal around here, where the kids will start with Dad and he'll outline a course for them, eg, "Run around the coffee table twice, jump on your bunny or bear rocker and rock, touch Mommy and then run back to Daddy. First one back wins!" The kids love to play, and it's fun to watch because it's totally unpredictable who will wander off course when and thus as far ahead as any one baby seems the other baby always has a chance of winning.

Saying goodbye to Daddy in the driveway when he goes to work and welcoming him home are also big activities these days.

And both kids still chime in at random with, "I'm happy!"

"I'm happy too," I always say back to them.

And June, wonderful amazing June is here, so looking forward to it! We're attempting the 3-day potty training method starting Friday and switching out to toddler beds at he same time, so big stuff happening around here! Wish us luck!



Grace in Small Things, June 2, 2014

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

A few things that are lovely in my world:

  1. How cute is my girl in her sunglasses?!? (Snapped during a bonus playground outing with Daddy...what a treat...)
  2. Since I've been back from Colorado I'm doing a better job of staying on top of paperwork, etc. My mornings are more hectic than they used to be, but a lot more is getting done...
  3. Pool, birthday BBQ, the Script and One Republic at an outdoor amphitheater with my husband (and a new blouse and scarf and earrings to wear to it...also first big concert I've gone to since I was pregnant with Luke and Zo)...it was a good weekend...
  4. I think I've figured out how to order books online from the local library...something I've been meaning to figure out forever...makes the library 100 times more usable...
  5. Birds are singing so early in the morning here right now...if I'm not going to CrossFit I lay half-asleep in bed listening to them...such a cheerful way to wake up...

Hope you all have a great week!




Grace in Small Things, May 27, 2014

Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday! Here are some things that are lovely in my world:

  1. Despite a cold and rainy holiday weekend, we still got in some pool time. And a couple BBQs. And a lot of relaxation...it was so needed and really great...
  2. Made it to CrossFit by myself this morning, which is usually pretty much impossible. But my husband needed some sleep after being up with Luke-with-bad-dreams last night. And I'm so lucky to have a husband who helps like this...
  3. All in all a pretty easy errand morning with the kids (including story hour, so something fun for them, too). It takes 10 times as long when I take them with me, but it's always nice to be spending the time together...
  4. We had friends over over the weekend and as soon as they showed up Luke offered the kids his brand new and favorite toys of the moment--a dmp truck and bulldozer--totally on his own...was so proud of him...
  5. Short work week...yay! And doesn't look like too bad a week, but I have a call at 2 PM that could totally change that...




Grace in Small Things, May 21, 2014

Hi Everyone! Happy Wednesday!

Some things that are lovely in my world:

  1. My son running up to me, hugging my leg, and saying, "I give Mommy a hug"
  2. Being able to rock and soothe my daughter to sleep when she's having a hard time going down for a nap
  3. The back yard starting to look spectacular...all thanks goes to my mother-in-law...
  4. Making it to 5 AM CrossFit twice already this week
  5. My boxer Newton lying at my feet as I type this...



Colorado Vacation

Hi Everyone!

Just back from a couple weeks in Colorado...it was glorious.

Don't know how I got so lucky, but the kids did really well both ways on our 8-ish hour road trip. I was by myself (my husband stayed behind to work), and wasn't sure how it was going to go. Going we left really early with the kids straight from the bed to the car seat. We stopped at the border for a diaper change and to get dressed.

The way we went was NM, into CO, into UT and then back into CO. In Utah near Moab is Wilson Arch, where we stopped and did a little hike. We also stopped at Milt's in Moab for lunch and milkshakes.

Grammy has a big, beautiful garden and the kids helped lots of mornings, with watering, weeding, shoveling compost into a bucket, etc.

One afternoon, Grammy made them chocolate pudding to eat and finger paint on the counter with, after which they went straight to tubs of water in the backyard. :)

The kids have been doing faces lately, like "funny face:"

And "moose face" with moose horns:

And this:

My dad and I took the dogs on hikes after dinner a number of times:

Lots of mornings we went out at about, occasionally ending with naps beginning in the car seats on the way home:

The weather was a bit unpredictable, really warm at the beginning and end, cold and windy and rainy in the middle. The kids got little gifts most every day, and the day when their gift was sand toys we did a picnic at the river. Windy, windy, windy, but we made the best of it:

Lots of afternoons out on the lawn:

One day, we went down to the train station to see the once-a-day passenger train arrive and depart...what a thrill for the kids...the world is such a cool and exciting place when you're two...

And one Saturday we went with Papa to the kite festival. Of course it was the one day all trip with no wind, but we had fun eating ice cream and there was a fire truck and a great playground:

With the kids in the garden, and me on the lawn:

Mother's Day weekend my brother Ben came over. He flew loop-de-loop balsa-wood model airplanes with the kids (he threw them, they pounced on them when they landed and brought them back for him to throw again), and Saturday night we had a campfire and smores, which the kids, needless to say, loved:

One morning, we went to the co-op in Fruita to look at the baby chicks. There were baby ducks and geese too:

Another day, the Botanical Gardens, including the butterfly room, and outside where there was this really cool life-sized bear sculpture:

We buried our dog Dexter's ashes, too, in a garden that my mom has for my brother Luke who died. The kids helped, and it was nice...it feels right for Dexter to be with Luke...

I took the first week off, worked the second just a few hours a day while my mom and dad watched the kids. One day, they made chocolate chip cookies from scratch:

One of our last mornings there we went a farm that a friend of my mom's owns...so fun to see all the animals...and she gave us eggs for lunch warm from the nest:

And the firehouse, which my dad arranged...the firemen could not have been nicer. (We brought them the homemade chocolate chip cookies, too...it's so good for the kids to give to others...)

And the kids had so much fun in the driveway in the "racecar" (as they call it) that belongs to their Papa:

And the cows across the street...every day the cows...

We did other things too (my mom worked hard to plan the funnest trip ever), like an evening out to watch acrobats me and my mom, my dad babysitting and introducing the kids to Winnie the Pooh ("Pooh likes honey," Luke told me yesterday as I was making him peanut butter and honey for lunch); twice to the library for story time; Enstrom's candy factory for ice cream (Zo chose raspberry, Luke Toffee Lovers) and we watched them making toffee, it was so cool; making pinecone-and-peanut-butter-and-birdseed bird feeders, a bunny out the window, making collages with flour-and-water paste; lots of reading of library books and playing with Grammy's teddies; a trip to my favorite kids used clothing store where my mom watched the kids while I got to pick out an outfit for each of them; meeting friends at the park a couple times and out to dinner with my best friend in town; playing the piano (and Luke put up blank pieces of paper as his sheet music...too cute); card games with my parents; Season 6 of Mad Men with my dad; Facetime with Daddy (I always miss my husband from the first day when I travel without him).

My parents made us feel so welcome and set everything up to be so comfortable. Two weeks flew by. 

Can't wait to do it again!