est. 2010

"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Pregnancy: Week 26

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

I'm 27 weeks pregnant today...the last week of the second trimester...yay! And I don't have a picture for you today because honestly, I haven't been able to make it out of my PJs. But I had some maternity photos taken last week that I'll share tomorrow to make up for it! :)

Here's how the past week has been:

  • Gestational diabetes has been the big news (you can read about it here and here and here). I'm doing pretty OK with it, fingersticks and all. My blood glucose levels have all been within the normal range, except for last night after Thai food. Probably no more Thai food for me for a while, which is OK because the Thai food in this town sucks
  • Felt a lot of stretching this week, and now I feel like there is baby everywhere, way up high in my abdomen (like right up under my breasts), my sides feel like they are growing out, way down low. My belly button's still in and no stretch marks yet...
  • Sleep has been OK most nights, horrible a couple nights. I'm wondering if my blood glucose levels have something to do with it, because last night was a bad night and the only time since I started testing that my levels have been elevated. Or maybe it's just a coincidence, I don't know
  • Getting harder to breath. A lot more heartburn. A little nausea still, but not too bad. My back's OK generally, sometimes it hurts though
  • Lots of movement from the babies
  • Did lots of little baby prep things this past week. Had our hospital tour/paperwork appointment so we're all ready to go with labor and delivery. Dealt with the whole diabetes thing. Had maternity photos taken. Started on the quilts my mom and I are making for the babies, and I started on the sweaters I want to have as part of the babies' going-home outfits. Got and framed a few pictures for the babies' room. Made a list of what we have left to do (I want to be totally done by the end of February). Just doing a little each week we'll get it all done
  • I've been a little fearful this week, I think a combination of the fall I took last week and the whole gestational diabetes thing. While the diabetes is not in and of itself something to be overly concerned about, I guess it's just kind of reminded me that things can and do go wrong...even thought I've been feeling a lot of movement and have been growing, I've still been feeling a little bit afraid that something--who knows what--is wrong with one or both of the babies. I'm also worried about pre-term labor...every little twinge I wonder if it's something I should call my doctor about...I haven't called about anything yet, but I don't want to look back and say, I wish I'd taken that thing seriously. Ugh...I'm really hoping these bouts of fear go away once the babies are born...and I think they will...it's just so hard for me to trust that things going bad during a pregnancy is the exception, not the norm. Stupid infertility and IVF and chemical pregnancies and miscarriage...it makes me sad I'm not just a blissed out pregnant woman, oblivious to anything that could go wrong. I do have an OB appointment on Friday...will feel better once I get to see the babies and hear that they're doing OK...

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


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