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"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Pregnancy: Week 28

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

So, 29 weeks today...yay! Here's how the last week has been:

  • Lots and lots of movement from the babies, which is by far the coolest part of being pregnant
  • The whole gestational diabetes thing is still going OK. Eating VERY carefully and my blood sugars pretty much always test in range. I did lose a pound this week, instead of gaining a pound like I'm supposed to. I'm also getting really bored with food. Dinners are OK because we cook a variety of things, but breakfast and lunch and snacks are becoming pretty monotonous. I'm also finding it hard to get in three snacks a day (two's not a problem)...must be better about that
  • We had our all-day birthing class at the hospital on Saturday, which went really well. Lots and lots of good information. Still not all that scared about labor & delivery...it all still seems so abstract and far away...
  • The usual insomnia (not every night, but bad when it happens), back ache, joints aching, still some nausea although nothing like it was before
  • I took a bath for the first time since I got pregnant! I love REALLY hot baths, and those are not allowed, so I've been kind of pouty about it and not had any baths at all. But this weekend I ran a 100-degree bath and it was pretty nice. Not as good as scalding hot, but definitely better than nothing. I also ***horror of horrors*** had a decaf espresso on Saturday (I've been really weird about caffeine of any kind during my pregnancy, and decaf has a little). It was super yummy and the world did not end because I drank it :)
  • Getting big, big, big, and slowing down a lot (which I talked about here last week). Really tired a lot of the time. Spent yesterday on self-imposed bed rest trying to get some energy back and, ladies who have had to do that (or are doing it now), I'm so impressed because it is HARD. After one day of reading and watching TV and knitting and not much else, never getting out of my pajamas, I was pretty stir crazy. But we all do what we have to do, right? I'm sure if I had to do bed rest for real I could do it

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


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