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"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

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Pregnancy: Week 25

A little different picture than normal today...my husband took this shot on our walk along the river south of town. Probably the last such outing until the babies are born...see below...

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!

I'm 26 weeks pregnant today, and all is well. Here's how the last week has been:

  • This has been a surprisingly good week. I'm at the very end of my second trimester and am just now feeling like I'm getting that easy trimester everyone's been talking about. The horrible insomnia has gone away. The nausea is pretty much gone. The backache is pretty much gone. I am feeling really good physically for the first time in months and months and months. Hope it lasts at least a little while! :)
  • Still walking (slowly on flat surfaces) several days a week but get out of breath and just want to lay on the couch after
  • Had an OB appointment with 2 strong heartbeats. Also both babies are head down...yay!
  • Had both the 1-hour glucose test (which I failed pretty spectacularly) and the 3-hour one. I'll save the details for a separate post but in short the 1-hour was no big deal at all and the 3-hour was awful. Saw some of my preliminary numbers from the 3-hour test and I'm right at the border for gestational diabetes...we'll see what my doctor says this week. I'll of course do what I have to do, but have I mentioned I'm absolutely terrified of needles? Even the tiny ones for blood glucose checks. Praying that is not in my future...
  • Lost 4 lbs. this week...the first time I've lost weight during the pregnancy. I think it's due to 1) the constipation I had with the Zofran clearing up now that I'm off it, and/or 2) eating really carefully (a lot less carbs, no sweets AT ALL) since I failed my 1-hour test. Also just haven't been that hungry for some reason. I've done fine with the weight gain, though, so not too worried about the 4 lbs., as long as that trend doesn't continue
  • Babies are moving all over the place...every day I can watch my belly move, which I love to do
  • A couple weird things happened today...first, I was laying on my side on the couch this morning and my dog Newton jumped on my belly. And then, I really wanted to get out in nature and so my husband and dogs and I went a few miles south of town to this dirt path along the river...it's totally flat so I thought it would be safe but the ground was uneven in places and at one point I kind of twisted my ankle, went down on my knee, then side, then back...avoided my belly altogether but of course with these two things happening I'm a little freaked out. I feel fine, am feeling the babies move, there's no blood or anything like that so I'm fine, right? I did promise my husband nothing but pavement between now and the end of the pregnancy...

Hope you all have a lovely week. And that 2012 is the year all your dreams come true. :)



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