est. 2010

"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Pregnancy: Week 11

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday!

I'm 12 weeks pregnant today...so crazy. Actual babies are starting to seem like a very real possibility.

Here's how Week 11 has been:

  • Really bad nausea at the beginning of the week, getting better towards the end (not gone, but not awful 24/7...hoping we're on the upswing as far as this sickness is concerned)
  • Tired and sleeping a lot
  • My belly keeps getting bigger...I'm not even supposed to be showing yet...can't imagine how I'm going to end up...
  • I've gained 8 pounds so far...almost half of that in the past week. (Which is weird, because I haven't been eating any differently. So why no weight gain at all for the past 3 weeks, and then some gain all at once?) My goal is 20 pounds in the first 20 weeks...I think I'm doing pretty well, especially since food has not been at all attractive to me (although the nausea usually goes away for a little while after I eat...there is that benefit)

Oh, and for all of you out there who are cycling/about to cycle, I have some meds left over I'd love to send to someone (don't want to sell them, just want to donate to the cause). Email me (upper right corner of my blog) if you can use this stuff and I'll ship it out to you. First come/first served. Here's what I have: 

  • Endometrin 100 mg 1 1/2 boxes (21 inserts/box)
  • Vivelle dot 0.1 mg/day (4 1/2 packs, 8 patches per pack)

Hope everyone has a fabulous week!


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