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"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Pregnancy: Week 12

Hi Everyone! 

I'm 13 weeks pregnant today! One week left in the first trimester! Can hardly believe it! 

Here's how Week 12 has gone:

  • Nausea. Still. Please oh please oh please, let it go away (or at least get a little better, or not be around 24/7) soon. My husband thinks it's worse when I don't eat regularly (every few hours), so I'm trying to keep on that schedule in the hopes that he's right. I also have a suspicion that wearing anything the slightest bit tight around the waist makes it worse...Saturday I wore a non-maternity elastic-waist skirt that was a tad tight and felt HORRIBLE the entire day
  • Some pains in my abdomen that Dr. Google says are "round ligament pain" and I'll have for the rest of my pregnancy. Not a big deal, though
  • Headachy occasionally and some of my joints hurt (the ones that have suffered sports injuries), but nothing that Tylenol won't take care of
  • Had these crazy cravings for orange Gatorade this week, which is not the healthiest thing, but the cravings were so incredibly strong there was no way I wasn't having it
  • Feeling a bit up and down emotionally, but pretty positive and excited overall. Still crying over everything. Like on Project Runway last week, when one of the contestants lost the money she needed for fabric and the other contestants helped her out? Yeah. Bawling
  • Started telling work people about my pregnancy. Actually the company I do the most work for (Company D in my post last week), I told one person there and now everyone knows ("the news spread like wildfire," is how one of my co-workers put it). Sheesh. Everyone's been happy and excited and positive (although I did get a lot of, "Why didn't you tell me?" since practically everyone heard it through the grapevine)
  • Packed away most of my non-maternity clothes over the weekend. I'm getting so big so fast! Just now starting to feel (and I think look) pregnant and not fat, which is wonderful wonderful wonderful

Hope everyone has a lovely week! :)



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