est. 2010

"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Kid Cuteness

Luke talking about the balloons at Balloon Fiesta: "They got fat, Mommy. The fire made them fat."


Daddy: "Zo, you are going to get a bunny bed. It used to be Mommy's and is coming from Seattle next week. Would you like to see a picture?"

Zo (after seeing the picture, and with much enthusiam): "Oh, that's so cute!"

Daddy: "Luke, we have a bed picked out for you, too. Here's a picture. What do you think?

Luke (also with great enthusiasm): "That's a great, guys!"


Dad to sis: "Sis, we got this?"

Sis to Dad: "Yes we do!"


Dad, in the parking lot going to get gelato: "Why are there so many people here? It;'s a Tuesday night, why is it so crowded?"

Sis to the general parking lot: "Get in your cars people and go away!"


Daddy: "Guys what is the moon made of?"

Luke: "Clouds."

Sis: "Moon."


Luke (a few weeks after celebrating his half birthday): Mom, how old am I going to be on my whole birthday?


Dad (sitting with the kids at the pizza place the other night, waiting for our pizza): "We're tigers! Creeping through the forest! Stop! Look around!" (Kids and Dad use their hands to pretend they are creeping, then stop, then look around.) "There's a zebra! Let's put him in the treehouse!" (This game continued until there was a whole menagerie of animals in the treehouse. Too cute to watch the kids playing with their Daddy like that.)


Dad: "We got a really knotty pumpkin, didn't we guys?"

Sis: "It's not a naughty pumpkin, Daddy! It's a good pumpkin!