est. 2010

"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

Is it Because They're Two? Or am I Doing Something Wrong?

A minute-by-minute play of the whining we deal with:

6:27 AM: "I want my paci!"

6:30 AM: "I peed on the floor by mistake!"

6:34 AM: "I want milk."

6:45 AM: "I don't want Daddy. I want Mommy!."

6:54 AM: Crying because of spilled milk.

7:00 AM: "I want a Kleenex!"

7:24 AM: Crying because I don't want both kids to come upstairs with me while I make an espresso. (I will be right back down.)

7:27 AM: "I want a paci!"

7:28 AM: "I want the music box so I can throw it!"

7:29 AM: "I want the (play) broom that Sissy has!"

7:35 AM: Time out for throwing milk.

7:45 AM: "I don't WANT scrambled eggs!"

7:46 AM: "I want to crack the eggs BY MYSELF!"

7:52 AM: "I want apples!" (Which we don't have.)

7:53 AM: "I want you to lift me up so I can see the stovetop!"

7:54 AM: Had to stop documenting this because otherwise I will not make it through the day...