est. 2010

"I will take the sun in my mouth

and leap into the ripe air


with closed eyes

to dash against the darkness."

--ee cummings 

(via Darling)

A Little Off Kilter

Went to Seattle over the weekend, and had a lovely, amazing, superb time.

But it was also so strange to be there.

I went there so many summers growing up, to see my grandparents, whom I am missing acutely right now.

I lived there a summer in college.

And two years right after college--such an important, formative time in my life.

And the first 6 months of my husband and I living together, back in 2007.

And lots of visits scattered over the years.

I long for the people I knew (and still know) there, especially my grandparents because I can't just pick up the phone and ring them up.

I long for the way it was, because it is an amazing city, but it has transformed so much and will continue to transform. Nothing stays the same, and that is always hard for me. The city has moved on without me and on one hand it's like, of course it has, but on the other, it's so weird these places that are--for now--parts of my past moving and changing and feeling like they are leaving my grasp, like they are no longer mine.

Really longing for people and places lately, even though I am so very happy right where I am.

On a related note, I did fine not missing my kids and my husband too much, until I got to the airport to go home, and then I wanted to see them so badly I could hardly stand it.

So very glad to be home...


Songs We Listened to This Summer

  • "All About That Bass," Meghan Trainor
  • "All of Me," John Legend (acoustic version)
  • "American Kids," Kenny Chesney (will forever remind me of Lake Powell
  • "The Book of Morris Johnson," Zee Avi
  • "Caught Me Thinking," Bahamas
  • "Love Like This," Wild Belle
  • "Love Runs Out," One Republic (and my husband and I saw them in concert earlier in the summer...great show...one of the best...)
  • "Maps," Maroon 5
  • "My Silver Lining," First Aid Kit (love, love, love this song...sometimes in the car I'll play it over and over and over)
  • "A Sky Full of Stars," Coldplay
  • "Yeah," Joe Nichols (also will always remind me of Powell)

"What's Your Favorite?" and Other Cuteness From Luke

Luke at nap time: "Please get my green paci for me Mommy! And please don't put it in your mouth!"

Sharing cookies with sis: "Here you go, Sissy! Here you go!"

"Please!" and "Thank you!" unprompted (and with increasing regularity).

Laughing like crazy while playing "Net Ball" in the pool with Daddy, which involves him (Luke) throwing rainbow-colored golf balls into the pool and Daddy trying to catch them with a butterfly net before they hit the bottom.

Luke at 6 AM, the day after we took Sis by herself to get some new shoes: "I want new shoes too, Mommy and Daddy! I want to go get them RIGHT NOW." (And then when we did take him to get new shoes, him picking up a black-and-white suede hightop from the display and saying super-enthusiatically, "This is my FAVORITE!" It was, of course, one of the two pair we got him.)

Luke at 3: 30 AM, crying out in a nightmare: "I DON'T WANT TO SHARE WITH SISSY!!!" (And then right back to sleep.)

In response to many questions: "I don't know. Maybeeeee..." with the cutest long, drawn out maybe). eg, Me: "Where is Daddy?" Luke: "I don't know. Maybeeeee...work?"

To everyone in the house: "Hey! What's your favorite color?" "What's your favorite food?" What's your favorite animal?" Etc...